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||| Memorial |||
Maria Tagiltzev, 14
Evgenia Dorfman, 15
Raisa Nemirovsky, 15
Yael-Yulia Sklianik, 15
Anya Kazachkov, 16
Katarina Kastaniada, 15
Irena Nepomnyaschy, 16
Mariana Medvedenko, 16
Liana Saakyan, 16
Marina Berkovsky, 17
Simona Rudin, 17
Alexey Lupalo, 17
Julia Nalimov, 16
Elena Nalimov, 18
Irina Osadchy, 18
Ilya Gutman, 19
Sergey Panchenko, 20
Roman Janashvili, 21
Diyaz Nurmanov, 21
Yan Blum, 25
Uri Shahar, 32
Any death is unfair. The violent death of children in general does not have definition in human language yet we forced to search for words.... These girls and boys should have been dancing that night-to live long life, to study, to work, to serve their duty to the country, to make their parents glad and proud , to love, to live, to give birth to children.... All this was taken away from them, they were taken away from us. Let us remember them such young and so beautiful as they were at life.
God bless their enlighted memory.

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